Skiing and snowboarding: winter season is coming

And if there was a need of artificial snow?

Every year, the largest ski areas are hoping for a prosperous season in terms of snow: is enough a winter less cold than usual and there is the risk to have a lack of snow. This turns in a decrease of the influx of skiers, of snowboarders and snow lovers, and so in a decrease of job opportunity for the whole season.

The managers of ski resorts and ski slopes are for this reason always ready to face with this risk: it is unthinkable to lose an entire ski season, and if the nature is defying … here you go the artificiality.

How many times did you see the snow-covered ski slopes? But is the snow “natural” or “artificial”?

Perhaps only a true lover can distinguish between “natural” and “artificial” snow; for the rest, in the eyes of the amateur or the tourist the difference is not evident.

IME comes in, with its electric motors, to help manufacturers of snow guns and, consequently, managers of ski slopes, offering snow guns with high quality electric motors such as asynchronous electric motors.

The asynchronous electric motors are alternating current (AC) electric motors, wherein the stator is formed by a pack of laminations having the shape of a circular crown.

IME designs and offers the market various types of asynchronous electric motors, that can be consulted at this page.

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