Wound Commutator Rotors

With 7 different sizes of rotor lamination with diameters ranging from 32mm to 80,6mm IME can manufacture single rotors on completely automated lines for those applications where the stator is integrated in the finished product.

IME offers its customers all the types of rotors manufactured for its universal motors and permanent magnet motors.

Wound rotors are all tested 100% prior to being shipped to customers.

These rotors are generally used for the construction of permanent magnet motors in special applications where the customer manufactures the stator internally and provides the final assembly of the motor.

In such circumstances, the responsibility of the motor design usually belongs to the customer; nonetheless, IME Technical and Manufacturing Staff proactively provide support thanks to the the experience gained in over forty years of industrial production of commutator rotors.


  min max
Lamination diameter (mm) 32 80,6
Number of slots 12 16
Commutator bars 12 32


Lamination skewing upon request