Vacuum Motors

A complete range of vacuum / blower motors
1-stage or 2-stage with voltage supply AC or DC from 12V to 250V, dry or wet and dry with peripheral or tangential discharge and the possibility of water separator.

IME uses universal electric motors to build its vacuum units.

The possibility of powering these motors by either AC or DC, makes it possible to control IME vacuum units through simple electronic devices that regulate the speed, an option which is very much in demand in the world of vacuum cleaners.

The range offered by IME includes two possible motor platforms – one based on the special IME 76 lamination (stator diameter in millimetres) and one based on the special IME 93 lamination – able to meet the full spectrum of performance needed in a vacuum unit. IME vacuum units, typically used in household, commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, are built with one or two fan stages and are of two types:

  • “DRY”: the air flow passes through the filter system and is used to cool the electric motor – the IME dry vacuum units are ideal for application in vacuum cleaners;
  • “BY- PASS”: the vacuum flow passes through the filter system but not through the electric motor, which is cooled by separate ventilation – the IME bypass units are suitable for application in both vacuum cleaners and in scrubbers.

IME electric vacuum motors are used both in a vertical and horizontal position.
The shaft is normally assembled on two double shielded bearings and, where necessary, watertight bearings are used.
Over the years IME has developed various mechanical solutions for its electric vacuum motors, able to satisfy most demanding applications; nevertheless, for new designs IME’s Technical Staff is readily available to assess the best technical solutions while maintaining the price target objectives.

In recent years the demand for vacuum motors for applications in cordless machines (battery powered) has grown considerably: for this reason IME has developed and is able to offer from 2013, its range in low voltage DC versions, i.e. at 12, 24, 36 and 48Vdc.


Lamination (mm) 76 93          
Voltage DC  12 24 36 48      
Voltage AC (V) 100 120 127 200 230 240 250


  min max
Fan housing diameter (mm) 106 144,5
Suction pressure (mm H2O) 2900
Air flow (I/sec) 75
Input power (W)) 300 1500


Configurations: 1-stage, 2-stage, “dry” or “by-pass”
Insulation class I / II
Thermal insulation class F (155°C)
Manufactured according to EN 60335-1
Upon request insulation materials according to UL 1004
Stator windings in copper or aluminum