New BL152 brushless motor for axial ventilation: maximum efficiency with minimum dimensions

IME is proud to present the latest addition to its range of brushless PMSM motors.

The new BL152 motor with integrated inverter has been developed for axial ventilation applications using a new very high-performance lamination (patent-pending) that allows the electric machine to reach an exceptional efficiency of 93%, suitable for IE5 certification.

Its modular construction underlines IME’s propensity for product customization: it allows faster development for product variations/performance specs with shorter time to market and at the same time guarantees a considerable reduction of production costs.

Despite its small weight and dimensions (20Kg), the motoinverter is rated with a nominal torque of 22 Nm.

Features of the new motor:

  • IP65 classification
  • Three-phase power supply 180-480Vac
  • Power output: up to 0.8 kW
  • Rotation speed: from 4 rpm to 600 rpm – Nominal torque: up to 22 Nm
  • S1 service – Insulation class: F (155 ° C)
  • Operating temperature range: from -10 ° C to + 50 ° C
  • Electronic and power control unit integrated in the aluminum casting
  • Modbus RTU 485 isolated communication bus
  • Isolated analog input for speed setting compatible with 0-10V signal or external potentiometer
  • Over current, Under circuit, over temperature, over voltage and under voltage protection
  • Dedicated software for supervision and management via PC
  • EMI / EMC filter integrated in the electronic board
  • External LED with coded blinking for troubleshooting

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