IME introduces the new BL178 motor

IME broadens its range of brushless motors technology with the new model for plug-fan applications developed specifically for Nicotra-Gebhardt and Regal Beloit.
The 178mm lamination is able to generate up to 5 KW absorbed power with a high maximum efficiency value of 92%.

Other motor specifications:
Driver power supply: 3-phase (180Vac – 480Vac 50/60Hz)
Motor supply: 3-phase sensorless
External Rotor ERM motor
Rotor with rare earth Neodymium magnets
Stator winding concentric slots
Stack height: from 35mm up to 70mm
External diameter 178mm
Thermal insulation class: F (155°C)
Temperature range: -10°C to +40°C
Communication bus: modbus RTU 485 insulated
EMC filter integrated on driver pcb

The new BL 178 completes the range and increases size and performance compared to the previous version of PFP BL130.

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