IME extends its range of brushless motoinverters


After the great success on a global scale of its high efficiency brushless motoinverters, IME is pleased to reveal a further expansion of its offer with new product versions.

The BL360 range is enhanced with a new model called BL360 H60 “High Power” with an even higher torque for HVLS fans with a diameter equal to or greater than 7 meters. The net increase in performance is obtained through the use of special magnets.

The same also applies to the BL220 range, which can now boast a “High Power” version capable of delivering greater torque and greater speed, both in destratification applications for HVLS fans and, above all, in “direct driven” axial ventilation.

The latest development of the range is a compact motor studied for fans with smaller blades: the BL178 with an external diameter of only about 210mm. It will be equipped with the same integrated electronics on board and with the same functionality and control as the other versions, but with clear cost advantages. The goal is to offer IME customers more options for brushless technology in multiple fields of application.

Both the BL360 and the BL220 motors will be offered with an optional anodized treatment in a dark grey color to further optimize heat dissipation and allow an even higher performance.

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