The company

Ime electric motors

IME is a company which has been designing and manufacturing electric motors since 1972.

IME started its operation by making small induction motor fan systems and universal motors for hair dryers and small appliances. Later came permanent magnet motors, vacuum cleaner motors (whose introduction dates back to the mid -90’s) and induction motors (at the turn of the century for boiler burner systems applications).

The first projects involving brushless motor with electronic commutation started to be developed in 2005, and large-scale production quantities began in 2013.



The wide range of available products proves IME’s continuous strive towards new products and technologies and a distinguished feature throughout the company’s history. Numerous resources and investments have always been allocated to Research and Development making IME one of the most skilled and qualified companies in the field of electrical motors. The integration of new engineering talent is an ongoing continuous process and a clear indication of IME’s approach to future markets.

Today IME is undoubtedly the market player that can offer the widest variety of electric motors both in terms of technology and power level (from very low Watts to 50 KiloWatts).

The common trait to all these products is their being “special”. IME exclusively produces customized electric motors, that are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.

The IME Quality System has been certified since the early nineties (currently ISO 9001:2015): the quality of the production process, the product and the service provided to customers has always been considered the priority objective in the business management – and will never cease to be so.


The attention to the safety of its employees and respect for the environment are values which IME has complied with since its foundation, succeeding over the years in continuously improving the sustainability of the business.

After a primary focus on the domestic market during the early years of operation, IME has gradually grown its export market and become increasingly international. up to the point where the export sales have now greatly exceeded the domestic sales. IME is now a true global presence in terms of sales and supply chain.

The generational change in leadership within the same family guarantees the respect of the same ethical and entrepreneurial principles constantly pursued since IME’s creation.