Brushless MOTOR
BL 90

Brushless BLDC motor with internal rotor and opposing poles, external sensored inverter driver.


  • Torque in working conditions: from 1Nm to 2,5Nm  
  • 48Vdc sensorless three-phase power supply  
  • Encoder card inserted in motor  
  • Number of poles: 8  
  • Rotor with rare earth magnets  
  • Stator cogs wound to individual compound poles  
  • Height of pack: from 15mm to 40mm  
  • Dimension of tube: diameter 90mm  
  • Service: S5  

This motor is the result of a highly innovative idea of FACE S.p.A., developed, perfected and completed in full collaboration with IME. The sharing of their respective competences and experience in electro-mechanics, electronics and automation has produced this innovative motor, unique for compactness, lightness, efficiency and control. A real revolution, protected by a number of patent applications.

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