Brushless BL 152

Synchronous Brushless Motor with Permanent Magnets and integrated electronics

  • IP65 rating
  • Three-phase power supply 180-480 Vac  –  Output power: up to 0,8 kW
  • Rotational speed: from 4rpm to 600 rpm  –  Rated torque: up to 22 Nm
  • S1 service  –  Insulation class:  F (155°C)
  • Operating temperature range: from -10°C to +50°C
  • Electronic control unit and power integrated into the cast aluminum
  • Insulated communication bus Modbus RTU 485
  • Insulated analogue input for speed setting compatible with 0-10V signal or external potentiometer
  • Protection from over-current, short circuit, over-temperature, overvoltage and undervoltage
  • Dedicated software for supervision and regulation of functioning through PC
  • EMI/EMC filter integrated into electronic board
  • External LED with coded ignition to read anomalies
  • Power supply cable and communication cable connected to the inverter duty motor by IP65 snap-in connectors for easy installation of the product
  • Application: ventilation of large areas
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