Brushless MOTOR
BL 130

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Brushless motor with external rotor and “sensorless” inverter driver that can be separate or integrated.


  • Power supply of driver: single-phase
  • Power supply of motor: sensorless three-phase
  • Power delivered: from 0.4kW to 2kW at 4000rpm
  • Number of poles: 8
  • External rotor motor
  • Stator winding technology with concentrated cable
  • Rotor with rare earth magnets
  • Height of parcel: from 25mm to 60mm
  • Dimensions: external diameter 138mm
  • Personalized motor case and guards in die-cast aluminium
  • Service: S1

The motor and driver have been conceived to guarantee maximum efficiency and the highest reliability without any compromises. Production will be entirely in Italy, using the most highly advanced technology currently available. This innovative brushless motor with an external rotor is protected by a number of patents.

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