Brushless MOTOR
BL 106

Brushless BLDC motor with internal rotor, dedicated electronic sensorless or sensored external driver.


  • Driver power: single-phase
  • Controlled by dedicated IME driver
  • Engine power: 3-phase sensorless
  • Output power: up to 1kW
  • Number of laps: from 1000 to 4000 RPM
  • Nominal torque: up to 5 nm
  • Number of poles: 8
  • Internal rotor
  • Rotor with rare earth magnets
  • Stator winding technology in cava focused
  • Dimensions: standard mechanical Mec71 versions B3-B5-B14
  • Customizable interfaces based on specific customer needs
  • Available with fan cooling
  • Service: S1
  • Thermal insulation class: 155° C

Motor and drivers were designed to guarantee the maximum efficiency and the highest reliability without compromises. The production is entirely made in Italy, using the most advanced technologies currently available. Some of the innovative solutions used are patented.

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