EC Brushless Motors

Different configurations available with internal or external rotors, outer diameter from 90mm to 360mm, separate or integrated inverter driver and highest efficiency and
performance levels.

In the past the synchronous motor was considered a constant speed motor (synchronous speed), whose rotation would depend on the power frequency and the number of pole pairs. For this reason it was considered unsuitable for the production of variable speed electrical drives and its application was limited to those areas where speed and/or position control were not required.

The remarkable development that has taken place in recent decades in the field of power electronics has yielded practical and economic AC power sources, able to feed variable voltages and frequencies. This development has allowed the usage of both synchronous and asynchronous electrical motors in variable speed applications.

Inspired by this technological evolution, IME decided to start the development of a range of high efficiency permanent magnet synchronous brushless motors (both with internal and external rotor), because of the many advantages that they represent when compared to standard motors, both DC and AC.

This was made possible through a specific design of the motors, using advanced tools and techniques for calculation and optimization, as well as the use of innovative and high-performance materials such as very low loss magnetic laminations and high energy magnets.

IME has simultaneously developed the relative vector control systems which in addition to energy savings, can offer the motor user the following advantages:

  • Speed control, acceleration and deceleration;
  • Torque control;
  • Control and possibility of reversing the rotation direction;
  • Control of actuations and precise positioning in either sensor less or sensored mode, depending on the applications.

The main characteristics of IME electronically commutated brushless motors can be summarized as follows:

  • High flux density in the air gap, through the use of high-energy magnets;
  • High power/weight ratio, therefore very compact mechanics at the same power when compared to equivalent asynchronous motors;
  • Large torque/inertia ratio, which ensures high accelerations and makes them suitable for highly dynamic uses;
  • Small torque oscillations even at very low speeds, which allows achieving remarkable accuracy in positioning, therefore particularly suitable for “Direct Drive” applications;
  • A wide range of speed variations, thanks to the possibility of checks in defluxing;
  • Ability to operate at high torques, which allows rapid acceleration and deceleration;
  • High efficiency and high power factor, due to the presence of an intrinsic magnetic field in the rotor structure due to the permanent magnets;
  • High compactness, therefore high torque/volume ratio.


IME designs and develops brushless motors for a wide range of products suggesting customized solutions for all types of applications.