Custom made brushless motors designed and built entirely in Italy

We have created a new generation of high performance electric motors, not only totally made in Italy but customizable to satisfy the needs of our customers.

It is an ambitious project that sees us constantly engaged in the improvement and research of innovative and performing solutions that are perfect for any type of need. IMA has a history of progress that has lasted for at least twenty years and that brought us, over time, to become one of the leaders of the more technological motor industry, with the development of Brushless motors, the most advanced available on the international market today. More compact, powerful and with a cost that is among the most competitive available today.

For IME it is not just a job but a real mission, to create “brushless” motors with permanent magnets, which guarantee several important advantages for end users, such as speed control, low noise, low price, long life and no need for maintenance.

The brushless motor technology, although still not widely spread, is already known.
The real innovation concerns its “customization”. A practice that on a large scale, at least today, remains almost completely unexplored. It not only affects our products, but also the process of design and production, which is leading us more and more towards the industry of the future.

Customization is an essential requirement that allows IME to stand out compared to Italian and foreign competition, making us unique, with the most advanced technology and a “tailor made” approach that guarantees quality and perfect solutions for every need.
On any specific project IME has the ability to customize its motors, optimizing the application possibilities which become virtually endless, with a range of offers and opportunities that define all the strengths of our company. You can discover our range of brushless motors, all our products and contact us directly on the website:

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