Automatic doors: IME brushless technology in partnership with FACE

Electric motors brushless IME guaranteed for 5 years

The brushless technology of IME still amazes: after the patent for the brushless PMSM 106.5 obtained only a few months ago, IME intensifies the relationship of partnership with FACE, company leader in the design and building of automations for pedestrian doors(commonly called “automatic door“): FACE has in fact submitted the IME brushless electric motors to a long and depth test phase, and thanks to the excellent results obtained is now able to offer its customers automatic doors with a warranty of 5 years on brushless electric motors.

Once again, therefore, the IME electric motors obtained an important result, with the quality IME Inside that is appreciated by the most important partners and operators in the automation field.

Let’s remember that the brushless electric motors of IME guarantee, as well as a durability superior to any other type of electrical and electronic application, also total silent during their operation and a very low energy consumption.

Take advantage of the potential of the brushless electric motors brushless of IME Inside: quality, functionality and durability at your service!

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