Additional investments in technology for high efficiency motors

With the aim of continuous innovation and to increase its product range IME has made substantial investments for a brand-new test laboratory which will be used to measure the performance of a broad range of brushless and asynchronous motors with particular focus on high torque brushless motors.

Amongst the main features are 2 brake heads, which allow to evaluate torque values up to 100 Nm and up to 500 Nm, a 7-channel power analyzer and a state-of-the-art power supply unit with voltage stabilizer with an output power up to 100,000 VA. This power supply unit alone would be sufficient to supply energy to nearly 60 households.

This allows IME, in synergy with its customers, to create innovative and exclusive solutions, design motors for the most varied applications and undertake special projects with a very high level of customization.

Equal emphasis is given to energy efficiency, sustainable development and compliance with IEC international standards which are becoming more and more stringent.


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